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How do you manage everything and still strive to be your best every day? How do you incorporate fitness into your already busy life? How do women rise to the top in their careers? Gain mental toughness in a world dominated by men? How do you become that amazingly strong, beautiful, confident woman you were always meant to be?

Welcome to the Creating Strength Podcast where we will tackle all these questions and so much more! Your host Lauren Kennedy is a professional health educator with 15 years in the biz, a mom of 2, and obsessed with helping you become a stronger more confident woman. Each week you will get insights, tools, tips, and strategies to help you manage this crazy thing called life.

You are going to get a variety of topics here, from competing in your first fitness competition to getting the confidence to go for that promotion you’ve got your eye on. You’ll also hear interviews from other amazingly strong women and find out how they manage it all.

If you are ready to get strong inside and out, tackle challenges, and face fears then tune in to the Creating Strength Podcast!

004: 2 Strategies You Need to Overcome Anxiety
In episode 004 I explore the topic of anxiety and how it relates to the stories we tell ourselves. Many of us read into emails, text messages, or the absence of communication and assume the worst. We focus on what could happen or more importantly all …
The Importance of Building Relationships
"It's not about you, it's about everyone else." The biggest mistake you might be making in your career or your business might just be this…… In episode 003 I get to talk to Amber Watts, a Sales Training Manager at Data Axle. Amber talks with me …
Self-Management & How To Take Control of Your Day
How do you feel about emails? In episode number 002 I get the opportunity to talk with Sara Mayer, owner and creator of Sara Mayer Consulting. She is an expert on organizing your hectic days, weeks, months into manageable, and functional chunks of work. This was …
6 Habits to Reach Your Goals in 2021 It's Here! My first podcast episode, I hope you enjoy! Welcome to the Creating Strength podcast, episode number 1.  Do you feel like some days you are just struggling to keep it together like you just don’t feel mentally strong enough to be your very …

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